My research Library

 Any material found in this section was found on the web or down-loaded from Kazza and I am assuming that the licenses for  use are open to the public and that in the pursuit of knowledge shared by these authors they won't mind sharing anyway I take no credit for any of these works unless noted in the link..

1. Satanic Bible, by Lavey this is a 600k file so be patient it takes a sec LOL

2. The Sacred Magic of Abramlin the Magician

 Book 1                 Book 2                   Book 3

3. Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing 

4. Cults of  Cthulhu 

5. The Hieroglyphic Monad

6. The Book of the Dead

7. Essential Skills of Magick

8. The Greater Key of  Solomon

    Part 1          Part 2      Part 3

9. The lesser Key

     Part 1                  Part 2

10. Liber      MMM

11.  Magical Theory

12.  The Mystical  Qabala

13. Necronomicon

      The Simon Version     Barnes Edition

14. Geomancy 

15. Q.B.L.

16. The Book of Lies  

17. The Lithany of Dagon

18. The Book of Aiwass

19. Satanic magic in practice

20. The Enochian Keys

21. The Black Book

22. The Infernal Tarot

23. The Grimoirium Santanas

24. Night Magic

25. The Art of the Foretelling